How Does Microsoft Exchange Work?

  web-hosting-uaeDon’t get too techie on me. I’m just a carpenter, an artist or a chef. This is often a complaint I hear from small business owners when I mention Microsoft Exchange as an email management option.

When you aren’t very tech savvy, and you hear of Microsoft exchange, you may think it too complicated a program to implement your organization. However, organizations who at first wondered, “How does Microsoft exchange work?” quickly realized that it is a very intuitive program that helps organize email information.


Microsoft exchange is essentially the Gmail of business. It is the most popular collaborative email and messaging service in the world, and used by organizations that rely on the Microsoft infrastructure-and in many cases, even those that don’t. Exchange is basically everything that powers the most amazing features of Microsoft Outlook but on a larger scale. Developed in 1993, it has since grown into a powerhouse email organizational system.

Microsoft exchange supports IMAP, POP and web mail clients, including those that are already existing on Outlook. More importantly, it allows users, employees and associates to share information using their outlook web access information.


How Does It Work?

Basically, it works much like Outlook does but offers intuitive features that allow for better business efficiency, communication and productivity. These allow users to:

  • Improve customer an associate communications by allowing users to schedule messages, Mark start, middle and endpoints, and separate messages from in-house employees and those that come from the exterior.
  • MS exchange also features a powerful search tool that lets you find information from the furthest reaches of the email data server.
  • It offers tasks, calendars and documents that can be collaborated on between users.
  • There no features include an RSS feed supporter, fast preview panes, and an efficient email scheduler.

Although these features are more than those offered in Outlook, users access them through the outlook on their device, computer or laptop, no matter where they are located. There are other tools that allow you to quickly mark, prioritize and select email.

For businesses that received hundreds of emails a day this can enhance performance, allowing you and other users to free up their time for core business activities.

The Most Important Feature

Although the above listed features are important and can help improve your communications with clients, providers, and Associates and prospects, the most important features that Microsoft exchange offers is higher security. The server neutralizes any security threats, spam, viruses or attacks from hackers; keeping your contact information safe.


Although not every business uses these, Microsoft exchange is also compatible with other features such as voicemail storage, scheduling and content organization. However, these features are also easy-to-use as they also work off of the Microsoft Office Outlook platform.

Bottom Line

Because of all of these tools, Microsoft exchange is the preferred business email solution. It’s safe, easy to use problems are usually fixed quickly. This is why more and more organizations are switching to the Microsoft exchange system – even when they aren’t all that tech savvy.



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