Hosting exchange solutions: An Affordable Way of Taking Advantage of Powerful Email Solutions


The life of an entrepreneur is like a whirlwind, especially when you aren’t familiar with conventional business processes, software and solutions – After all you are just the idea man. One such example is hosting exchange solutions.

Sounds like a term from tech space doesn’t it?

 So obviously something you don’t need right?

Well let me ask you this. Have you had problems with your email not arriving to its destination? With employees forgetting to get to a meeting because they didn’t get your phone call or memo? Did you leave that important email message on your desktop and now need to show it to your client but you are on your mobile.

Hmm then maybe you need Microsoft Exchange hosting and you may not even know it. Microsoft Exchange offers an email solution to the increasing needs of business. However, until recently this was a software option only available to large businesses with self-hosting capabilities, definitely not your small warehouse business right? But it may be the solution especially if you consider hosting exchange solutions.  In other words, a process where you get to use the powerful software tool, but a service provider offers you access for a small monthly fee of less than $10. Now even small businesses can take advantage of the powerful features of this software that includes the ability to access, search and use email across different devices, including PCs, laptops, mobile phones and tablets, allowing you and your team to synchronize conversations, follow-ups and information easily


What are Hosting Exchange Solutions?

Microsoft Exchange is a very complete software solution for email, contact information, team data solutions and more. However, it is complex and requires hosting on a server (a huge company computer system.) The problem is that most businesses don’t have the room, the manpower or the budget to have an in-house server. So in comes Hosting Exchange Solutions offering hosting services that put Microsoft Exchange on their server, allowing you to access all the benefits of Exchange without your needing an in-house server or a network engineer to care and maintain the system.


What are the Advantages of Microsoft Exchange Hosting?

Exchange is a powerful email solutions system but it can be expensive as it requires the use of a large server. By using a hosting solution, you only pay a small monthly fee and keep all of your email and contact information extremely safe. However, there are also some other distinct advantages when using hosting exchange solutions. These include:

  • The advancement of business solutions and functionality.
  • MS Exchange is a leading mail server solution, one with a proven track record.
  • Microsoft continually develops the Exchange system.
  • It integrates with all other Microsoft products.
  • It supports mail protocols such as IMAP, SMTP, MAPI, HTTPS, RPc and POP3.

Why a Hosting Exchange Solution?

When you use a hosted Exchange solution, you don’t have to worry about server maintenance, system integration or implementation, as the hosting company does all of that for you for a small monthly fee of about less than $10.00. Your email information is kept safe and secure off of your premises, yet accessible within seconds from any device in any part of the world.


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