Get More Professional with Hosted Email

  When you own a website, you usually get a website email. Some business owners use this email in combination with their free email account like Gmail or Yahoo. That’s fine and dandy when the business only has one employee – you. But things change when you add more employees and email accounts into the mix. Once you start managing a significantly large number of contacts, dealing with different email applications manually can get complicated. Obviously, you don’t want customers or business contacts to receive email from your Gmail account, but opening webmail every time you want to check your websites email can become time-consuming. Getting employees to understand what a customer wants, and teaching them how to follow up and keep track of solutions can also become complicated. The solution is to use a business email tool, a professional hosted email service that uses Microsoft exchange.



Why Microsoft exchange?

Currently, exchange is the most collaborative and popular email and messaging service for businesses and organizations. However it hasn’t really been a solution for small to midsized businesses because of the need for server hosting, that’s where hosted email comes into play. Hosted email gives you all of the benefits of Microsoft exchange without your actually needing to all the server or hired personnel to manage it. This powerful email software is already installed in hosted email service and comes at a price of about a cup of coffee.

Truth is, hosted email services make you more professional.


How Does It Do That?

Exchange helps you better your customer performance by helping you communicate more effectively, stay on top of email conversations, get back with customers on important matters as quickly as possible, and access email from any device in any location.

  1. Improved professional communication

Hosted email allows you to keep all of your email in one location yet keep in touch with your contacts in the various platforms whether this be through POP, IMAP or web mail. All information comes into one mailbox, so we could say that hosted email gives you professional control over all of your messaging needs.

  1. Professional Productivity

When you access your email from any location and any device, say for instance from clients location, you appear to be well organized, high-tech and very professional, and not impresses customers.

  1. Improved Appearance

Hosted email offers a more professional appearance and several collaboration solutions that include task lists and calendars.

  1. Professional Collaboration

This type of service offers you more than just email, it also allows you to share documents, calendars, tasks and items that members of your team need to collaborate on. That makes you professional and organized.

Bottom Line

The specialized view panes of hosted email; the professional search features are tools that allow you to focus on tasks and communications and this makes you more professional. Customers contacts also note the difference as your communications with them is more effective, productive and on time.



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