10 ecofriendly tech devices you should have

Everyone seems to be talking green, and it’s not just a fetish people have for the color. What we are talking about here is taking on a greener lifestyle, giving back to the planet by protecting and recycling. Just think if we can reduce everyone’s carbon footprint we are close to a cleaner environment. So to help things along, we’ve made a list of 10 eco-friendly tech devices you can get to do your part.

  1. Energy Conserving Televisions

These are a major appliance in a home, and one that uses a lot of energy so you want to find eco-friendly television sets with a high Energy Star rating. These TVs can save about 40 percent more energy than their other TV counterparts.

  1. Green Speakers

Did you know that speakers can be green too? That’s right you can get speakers that are powered by solar, or those that are made from sustainable materials.  Definitely you want speakers that are free of substances like lead, cadmium and other chemical adhesives.

  1. Eco-Friendly Laptops

There are also laptops that are eco-friendly and these are energy saving machines that offer just as much power as the alternatives. Asus has a biodegradable laptop called the Bamboo U6V-B1 which has a biodegradable housing made of bamboo.

  1. USB Cell Battery

A battery that recharges via a USB connection, meaning they don’t have battery chemicals, and are not toxic to the environment.

  1. Mobile Phones

Recyclable mobile phones are a great new gadget. We all know that a big problem is the excess waste caused by cell phones and cell phone disposal.Cell phone companies like Nokia are designed with unpainted bio-materials that are almost 50% renewable.

  1. Solar Power

There are now solar powered MP3 players that work on batteries that can be fully recharged with solar power. There are also solar chargers made for other devices like tablets, laptops and cell phones.

  1. Hard Drives

There are now some very energy efficient hard drives on the market and these are known as small form factor (SFF) drives.  These are only 2.5 inches and use less power than the conventional 3.5 inch as it spins a faster RPM.

  1. Batteries

Manufacturers have also introduced new solar powered batteries to the market. This is not a new idea, however they are only just now capable of recharging cameras, cell phones, iPods and video game systems.

  1. Water Clock

This is a clock that is completely powered by water, meaning no batteries and no electricity.

  1. The Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

Impecca offers a sustainable mouse and keyboard, made with an outer casing made of bamboo which is biodegradable.

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