Joomla Web Hosting – Top 3 Joomla Hosts

Joomla is one of the web’s largest Content Management Systems (CMS).  Joomla offers webmasters an easy route to build professional looking websites.  Perhaps the hardest part of using Joomla is finding a web hosting provider that runs well with this application and installing the application on the server.

Many of the top web hosting providers have recognized the importance of creating Joomla web hosting that offers a user-friendly installation of the application.  Thousands of hosts accross the web advertise Joomla web hosting; however, only three of the top hosts will offer you a free 1-click installation of the script.

If you are looking for the best Joomla host, I would suggest one of these three hosts.

Top 3 Joomla Web Hosts:


1. BlueHost – Top Joomla Host

Bluehost offers professional web hosting for only $3.95 (now just $3.49) a month!  Bluehost will give you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and a free domain with every hosting package. also offers you free access to the simplescripts application that will allow you to 1-click install Joomla.  It is for these reasons that we call Bluehost the top Joomla host.



2. HostMonster – Joomla Web Hosting

HostMonster offers a very similar service to Bluehost.  For only $3.95 a month you get amazing customer supoort, unlimited disk space, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain name FOR LIFE.  HostMonster also will give you SimpleScripts and will give you the ability to 1-click install Joomla.




3. MyHosting- Joomla Web Hosting

MyHosting is a great Joomla web hosting solution.  For a discounted $4.84 a month you will get unlimited server resources and help with installing Joomla.  My Hosting is another amazing Joomla web hosting provider with a great price.

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