Internet Breakthroughs

Internet Breakthroughs and Changes

By: Joshua Horner
Ever since its invention in 1973, the internet has been making breakthroughs in the fields of advertising and shopping. Since the internet can reach almost everyone, businesses need to and do scramble to place their product on the world-wide-web. Placing a product on the internet is better than other forms of advertising because of the internet’s accessibility and cost-effectiveness. The internet can be found almost anywhere. The internet, able to be found on almost any computer, is one of the most accessible forms of advertising. The primary reason of the internet’s accessibility is the rising need for computers.In the modern world, computers have risen drastically in need, ranging anywhere from playing the latest computer games to writing essays for college, or even high school. Consequentially, more and more computers are making their way into homes. It has even reached the point that some schools are giving their less fortunate students who do not have a computer, laptops for the school year. With so many computers making their way into houses, the internet’s range of potential customers grows wider and wider. Since the internet is just a click away from most computers, all people need is just a curiosity to explore the vast depths of the internet.

Placing a product on the internet presents this vast range of potential customers with your product. The internet not only is more accessible than other forms of advertising, but it is also more cost-effective for the customer to purchase the product she has found. The internet is perhaps one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. When a customer wants to purchase a product, she only needs to click on that product and fill out an online form at the checkout, then pay with either a credit card or electronic link to her account. The customer is not even required to leave the comfort of her home, nor is she required to use gas, which is becoming a precious commodity these days; she is not even required to speak to anyone. After purchasing the product, the customer can either have the product delivered to her personal residence, or pick it up at a nearby store at her convenience. This can be a great help to customers who have busy lifestyles and cannot afford the time to make a detour to the store. These customers can just get the location of the pick up store, or just get a time that their delivery will arrive.

The internet is rapidly becoming easier and more efficient to purchase products from than older forms, such as newspaper or storefront. The internet became even easier since the invention of search engines, such as google or yahoo. Before the invention of these, people could only use the internet when they had the businesses URL, which was distributed through either TV commercials, which can pass by quickly, or newspapers, which can be easily forgotten, but now that these engines exist, a customer need only to type in her interest and click search, and the search engine will bring up all sorts of possibilities. Another great breakthrough that makes the internet easier is the addition of sites that search the web for you and compare prices. Now the customer does not have to trudge through website after website to look for the greatest price; now they only have to look at the prices provided by this site and decide what they want to pay for what quality of service.The internet has truly risen since its invention in 1973, and so has business advertising with the internet. Since it is so cost-effective and accessible, it is vital that a business get online as soon as it can.

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