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We have had many individuals contact us wondering what the easiest way to build a website was. We continue to respond to these questions with a one word response, “WordPress”. WordPress is a free application that can be installed on your web server VERY EASILY. WordPress is great because it enables you to avoid the design work and focus solely on content. With this being said we have decided to provide our customers with a step-by-step guide to installing WordPress on HostMonster and BlueHost servers. HostMonster and BlueHost both offer a simple-script that makes installing WordPress much easier than other hosts.

Before following the directions below we suggest taking a second to register for HostMonster OR BlueHost web hosting. These two hosts are VERY reliable and VERY affordable! For only $3.95 or $3.49/month you can host your own website and get an easy installation of WordPress. Be sure to use our link below when signing up to take advantage of a $2/month savings on web hosting.



Installing WordPress On BlueHost & HostMonster Servers:

HostMonster and BlueHost have a SPECIAL feature called “Simple Scripts” which makes installing WordPress very easy. Follow these simple steps to install a complete wordpress web design on your server:

1. Sign up for web hosting at OR

2. After registering go to your site’s homepage. (Either OR

3. Login to your account (upper right hand corner of page)

4. Scan down on the page and select the button, “Simple Scripts”

5. Under the category “Blogs” click the button titled, “WordPress”

6. Push the “Install Now Button”

7. Fill in all of the blanks, agree to the terms, and select the button, “complete”

8. Make a note of your admin & password

9. Follow on screen directions to finish installing WordPress

10. You can download Free WordPress themes from our website.

If you have any questions simply call HostMonster OR BlueHost and they will help you install WordPress to your server.

Installing WordPress Eliminates Web Site Design:

For those who are new to building web sites or web hosting; WordPress makes things easy. Instead of purchasing thousands of dollars in software and spending hours working on designs and coding, WordPress makes things easy. By installing WordPress to your web server you eliminate the guess work out of building sites and you make the process much more affordable!

We highly recommend using wordpress for all of your website needs and we especially recommend using HostMonster or BlueHost to host your website. We wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors and we hope our guide was helpful.

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