First German Cloud Web Hosting

(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — German Web hosting provider Host Europe ( announced on Tuesday it has launched its cloud platform Dedicated Private Cloud, making it the first German provider to offer cloud hosting solutions.

The company says the new cloud product is just the first of several new products and services that focus on virtualization and coud hosting that Host Europe plans to launch.

The Dedicated Private Cloud uses virtualization technologies from suppliers VMware, Parallels and Xen, while its technology partners include Dell and Intel.

Host Europe says the new cloud solution offers customers the “advantages of efficiency, scalability, and availability,” while optimizing performance and security due to its dedicated hardware infrastructure.

The cloud solution provides users with a dedicated hardware pool whose resources can be allocated on demand to any number of virtual machines. Users can also operate Windows and Linux systems at the same time.

Through a client interface, users can gain access to their cloud environment anytime, letting them scale, launch, stop and reboot virtual machines on demand. Additionally, Host Europe’s Dedicated Private Cloud installations provide highest availability through automatic failover facilities.

“Cloud hosting creates tremendous opportunities for businesses of all sizes,” says Uwe Braun, Host Europe’s founder and managing director. “It allows companies to scale their IT resources and become more efficient, improving business agility and flexibility. The Dedicated Private Cloud product is the flagship of our new Cloud Hosting business line, and further exciting new services within this sphere will follow.”

The European cloud hosting market is considerably behind its North American counterpart, with only a few players currently offering cloud solutions, such as Amazon and Rackspace.

Most of these solutions can be found in the UK market, with providers like ElasticHosts and iomart Hosting launching cloud hosting platforms in the past couple months.


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