Facebook & Google Neck to Neck in VR Race

So 2015 is finally coming to an end and it is time for us to open our arms wide and thank it for at it has given us.

Sure its been a tough year for mankind with mass immigrations and a whole lot of suffering, but focusing on the positives 2015 has indeed given us a lot.

One of the things, which we never thought possible was the introduction to virtual reality. Yes that has become a thing and has got many people wondering ‘how?’.

Now if you were a teen in the 60’s and someone told you, ‘hey! You know what? Sometime in the future well be watching porn as if it were happening right in front of our eyes’ now I’m pretty sure any sane soul at the time would not only think that the guy is a nut job but also probably beat him up. However if the teens of the 60s are still alive, jokes on you mate!

I have said this a million times and I’ll say it again, Now, today, is a very good time to be alive. We’ve got a promising future ahead of us, in technology at least, and who knows maybe someday we’ll have 3 or 4D porn, you never know!

Now moving on to the recent release by Facebook stating that they are working on a stand alone video app which will allow the users to see 360 or spherical videos just by tilting the mobile devices. The app would work on many platforms such as Apple devices, gadgets running android as well as devices using Google Inc.

After the acquisition of Oculus VR by Facebook last year, Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO announced that VR will be the next ‘computing platform’.

In March, Mr. Zuckerberg said Facebook would support spherical video in its news feed, saying users would be able to “move around inside the video and view it from different angles.”

Now lets backup a bit, last year Oculus VR came out with the ultimate virtual gaming experience for all the hardcore gamers out there who were willing to pay little extra to get the fancy shnanzy computer gear and the VR eye goggles, now after the acquisition, Facebook is trying to build on the idea and make it more attractive for people who don’t like gaming and lets face it don’t want to spend a fortune on VR. Facebook’s idea is to give the online video calling and viewing a whole new dimension (literally). While this news may seem super exciting there is still a lot of time for this state of the art app to be available for download. The app is still in its development phase and Facebook still has a long way to go till we get this app on the app store. My question is, will it be free?

Now on the same level which is of course VR, lets move on to the opposite end, which is of course the more affordable ready to use end.
Google has introduced a VR product called the CardBoard. This is product which with the help of a few materials such as cardboard lenses, a magnet, a rubber band and Velcro will enable the viewer to view their smartphones in VR Google is letting users play games, travel through space just by putting cardboard in front of their eyes. How cool is that, take that Facebook!


Cardboard however does not have all the fancy features like it can’t track head movement or body movement like Oculus’ Rift can, it has a smaller field of vision, and takes a longer time for processing images. Having said that the product is super affordable, so I’m not complaining, plus the cardboard material will cost you only about 20 bucks. Many small entrepreneurs have seized this opportunity and have made a few bucks selling cardboard made headsets similar to the product released by Google. The popularity of the device has grown immensely and im sure an average smartphone user would have seen a video or two online showing people using cardboard!


Samsung also recently dipped their toes in whole new VR charade and are likely to relase a VR headset which will work in compatibility with the Note 5, S6 Edge+, S6, S6 Edge. Koo said it will be available to ship on Black Friday.


The new Oculus Rift VR gear is scheduled to release early 2016, and its not just gadgets they’re coming out with, they are also bring out content, such as access to Netflix (bow down in gratitude) .

Oculus has also announced that the gadgets they will be soon releasing will have access to both Oculus Platform, which will allow for third-party developers.

Now ive talked about Facebook, Google and Samsung discovering the very untested waters, there has been a very silent treatment in the next gen tech business by Apple. I however fail to believe that Apple doesn’t have a plan, I mean if Samsung’s doing it Apple must be having super killer plan to get back, better yet ahead in the game . So far there have been speculations as to what Apple have been up to, what we do know is that Apple for the past two years has ben hiring some VR employees.

Back in February of this year Apple posted two job openings for Senior Display Systems Engineer and for “display systems design and development related to VR environments.” And the same month Apple was granted a patent for a VR system similar to Google’s Cardboard, in which a phone would be the brains behind a virtual reality headset rather then a separate device.

Apple is more of a copy cat, and you know what copy cats do, they just refine the original style and make it more unique and just refined, really! One thing I can say is that whatever the do come out with, its going to be real pretty.

Having said that, truth be told VR is still under development and is more of a I’ve dreamt it so ill make it happen’ thing currently but one thing I’ve learned is to never under estimate a passionate persons motivation (I say this keeping one of my colleges as an example- he is always willing to work, even on a Sunday, that bastard) and so all these VR gadget promises made by the brands is a recipe for success, its new and it’s the next big thing, and surely will make a lot of rich people richer!


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