5 Trustworthy Web Hosting Review Sites

The are literally thousands of web hosting review sites on the web.  So how do you know who to trust?  Your best bet is to stick with a web hosting review site that has proven to be honest.  So I thought I would write a blog and outline 5 web hosting review sites (in no specific order) that have proven to be the leaders in the web hosting review industry.


#1 – AlreadyHost.com
AlreadyHosting.com provides many free web hosting resources (including this blog).  In 2008 this web hosting review site was called, “The Fastest Growing Web Hosting Review Site on the Web”.  AlreadyHosting.com is perhaps most popular for their exclusive web hosting discount links, coupon codes, and promotions.  This web host review site also offers: web hosting news, hosting articles, hosting directory, free wordpress themes, web hosting awards, top 10 web hosting list, web hosting guides, and FREE live support to match you with an appropriate web host….

#2 – Web-Hosting-Top.com
Web-Hosting-Top.com provides a very large database of web hosting resources.  Last time I checked this free web hosting review site had around 50,000 pages indexed with Google!  This hosting site has been around for many years and has also proven to be a credible service.

#3 – WebHostingGeeks.com
If you have searched the web for any web hosting term you have likely seen a result from WebHostingGeeks.com. This popular web hosting review site has been around since 2004 and offers web hosting articles, coupon codes, awards, and many special promotions.  WebHostingGeeks.com is hightly respected among those working in the field of web hosting.

#4 – Hosting-Review.com
Another big name in the web hosting review industry.  If you are searching for web hosting review this site will provide you with great resources.  This site provides an ethical review service and LOTS of great content.

#5 – FindMyHosting.com (no longer exists)
Finishing out our top 5 list is FindMyHosting.com.  This web hosting review site offers many unique tools that will aid you in your search for web hosting.  FindMyHosting has been around for many years and appears to run an honest and trustworthy business.

In closing I would like to offer up some friendly advice… There are many web hosting review sites who provide unethical review services with the full intention to trick you into buy hosting.  Researching web hosting is a very important step when looking to make a purchase of hosting; however, to be safe I would suggest sticking with one of the 5 trustworthy web hosting review sites mentioned above.  Thanks!

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