Blog Traffic: Tactics To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog!

Blogging is not just about creating blogs and posting quality content, expecting visitors to make way to your blog. It doesn’t work that way.  There is a reason why search engine optimization is talked about so much.

Creation of a Blog

Preparation to drive traffic to your blog starts even before your blog is created.  Sounds confusing?  Well, what I mean to say is that it is important to choose the right software for blog creation. While the most popular blog solutions are Word Press and Blogger, if you want to be creative with your formatting and functionality, you can build a custom blog. Whatever you choose to use to create your blog, the idea is to make it easy for you to post, receive comments, archive, categorize and use multiple feeds.  Another most important thing to keep in mind is to ensure your blog is hosted.  Free blogs are a big no, if you are looking at developing and promoting your blog in the search engines.

Post Title Tags

Your post title is crucial for SEO. You must know that there are two audiences your blog is going to attract – people visiting your blog through your RSS feeds and those visiting from the search engines.  To attract the first kind, your post title tags should be short and catchy in order to catch their eye.  For the second audience, since it is the search engines that are driving them to your blog, keyword usage becomes imperative. Keyword phrase in the post title tag appeals to the search engines, as long as there is no over usage.

What many successful bloggers do is to write title tags for the RSS feeds initially and once they see some traffic coming in, they go back to their blog posts and change the title tags to attract search engine traffic.

Leave the Comments Off

A blog without comments is certainly not attractive, but for a new blog, it takes time to attract visitors.  From personal experience, we all know that we find blogs with a lot of comments attractive and trustworthy. To ensure your visitors do not get any negative vibes, leave the comments off till your blog traffic builds and your RSS subscribers increase. This way, your visitors will not assume that you have no traffic.

Appealing Blog Posts

You find some blogs attractive and some blogs boring.  This is because of how those blogs are treated.  Pages and pages of text, even if it offers the most useful information, can be quite boring.  Make your posts interesting by using images, bullet points, graphs and multimedia content to ensure it is visually appealing to the reader.

Conversational Blog Posts

Text book like wording in blog posts is a big No. Blogs are seen as a very informal way of interacting with your visitors and your voice on the blog should be such. It should elude honesty, authority and compassion. Do not boast about yourself and do not sound egoistic. While what you say on your blog is important, how you say it is even more critical. Because of the existence of RSS feeds, there is nothing you can do once you publish a post, so read carefully before you do.

Distribute Your Links

One of the best ways of driving more traffic to your blog posts is to participate in related active blogs and forums. Post in other blogs that consist of a large community and distribute your blog links through forum discussions. This may sound too simple, but you will be surprised at the number of people that will make their way to your blog.  Social media networks are another great source to spread your links wider.


Backlinks are very important for search engines. Getting as many backlinks as possible is important while the key is “high-quality.” Relevant backlinks from relevant sites make all the different for your ranking.  It need not be said that the higher you rank in search engines, the more the traffic.  It has been seen that more than 80% of the search traffic visit the first two results on Google’s first page. Imagine what would happen if you put in the effort and get there, with your competition trailing behind.

Watch Your Competition

Your competition plays a major role in increasing traffic to your blog.  No, they are not going to be generous and send their traffic your way.  Your competitors are blogs/sites that rank higher than you.  They can provide useful insights into what they are doing to gain that rank and you can get there by emulating them. Check them out thoroughly and do what they are doing – better.  Use Market Samurai for competition analysis. It’s a great tool being used by most marketers today to get an edge over competition.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an free tracking software by Google, which provides you in-depth information on the traffic to your blog.  It lets you track your visitors and lets you know which posts they like, which they are not visiting and where the traffic is coming from.  This information can prove to be vital in improving your blog.

Fortunately for us bloggers, today we have a lot at our disposal.  There are tools available that help us get the much needed information in the easiest way possible.  There are several ways we can increase the traffic to our blogs without getting hassled. It just takes a little knowledge of how to go about it and you are all set.

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