How The Web Changed Business

By: Shannon Ayers
Business practices have changed drastically over the years with the development of the World Wide Web. The web has become the “must have” tool of most industries and homes. This tool offers an easier, more accessible and cost effective way to connect with others in many ways and for many reasons in a very short period of time.The web is working its way into becoming an absolute necessity to be able to function through out society in every home, school and/or business. Life as we knew it has been completely altered due to the introduction of this resource. Most businesses have found it more cost effective and time effective to advertise through the web. It is much quicker and cheaper to pay for an advertising spot on several websites than it is to send out millions of mailers to homes across the country and abroad. It is also quicker and cost effective to have a central place for consumers to be able to order products, make payments and take care of business all from the privacy of their own home or work place.

Having the web as a tool and resource makes for effective time management. Most people enjoy the convenience of not having to travel to a particular location in order to take care of business both personally or professionally. The web has changed business practices through out the world over the years by offering immediate dissemination of information. Now, with just a click of a button, e-mail communications have taken over communication as we once knew it. It is much easier to send an attachment in an e-mail to deliver all sorts of documents, graphs, pictures, etc., than to be limited to just mailing or faxing. The web is accessible just about everywhere one could imagine. Technology has really taken off and made the web such a necessity in order to do business smarter.

Another aspect that is beneficial in using the web for business is conferencing. It is much more cost and time effective to conference all over the world via the web than to pay for travel related expenses that can be quite hefty. With the use of the web there comes great responsibility to all users. There are those out there that have figured out ways to scam the system and others. Therefore, while companies can save on using the web to propel their businesses, they also have to invest a great deal in order to protect themselves and their users from such criminal behaviors. Since the web has been introduced, identity theft has sky rocketed to extraordinary proportions. This can be at great expense to both the proprietor and the consumer.For those who do not have a computer at home, the web is always accessible in the work place, school and most local libraries. Because of the web, businesses can reach people all over the world with just the click of a button. This convenience has most definitely changed business as usual. Since the introduction of the web, fiction has become a reality and we will never know this world as we did once before.



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