Hostmonster & Bluehost Fights Fraud

Anyone in the web hosting industry knows that fraudulent sign-ups have become a real problem.  Somehow in the middle of this major problem web hosts Hostmonster & Bluehost leads the way in fighting fraud.  I managed to ask Bluehost Account Verification Supervisor Brooke Ashworth what their secret was and here was her response:

“Fraudulent purchases that occur on the internet is a growing problem not only for companies but also for anyone that owns a debt or credit card. Because of this problem BlueHost and HostMonster has a department devoted specifically to finding such unauthorized purchases and returning the funds back to the individual whose identity has been compromised.

The best way to to do this is to try and prevent these unauthorized transactions from taking place in the first place. The owners and developers that have made BlueHost and Hostmonster what it is today have created various programs that not only help us find fraudulent accounts but also prevent them from completing the sign up process.”

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