Hostmonster Interview


Q: What is your name, company, and title?

A:  James Grierson – VP of Business Development, HostMonster Inc.

Q: Please give us a little history about your company.

A: The founders of our company have been running hosting companies since 1996.  HostMonster was founded in late 2003 and over the past 6 years has grown into one of the largest shared hosting platforms in the world.  Currently Hostmonster provides services for over 650,000 domains.

Q: Where is your headquarters located?

A: Provo, UT USA

Q: What sets your company apart from competition?

A: HostMonster really stands apart from the competition with our customer service.  The average wait time when calling our technical support center is under 30 seconds.  We want to make sure our customers know they can reach us in a timely manner if they ever have questions about their hosting account.

Q:  Who is your target market?

A: HostMonster targets small and home office business customers as well as web enthusiasts.  We have a very large customer base that uses open source systems such as WordPress, phpBB forums, Magento shopping cart, RoundCube webmail and other services that are available using the platform.  

Q: Do you predict any changes in the web hosting industry over the next few years?

A: In the next few years we will see more and more Software as a Service solutions appearing on the web.  People are becoming more used to online banking, email and other services and it is only a matter of time before entire applications for gaming and other locally run applications to move off of the home/work PC and to a web platform.  As this happens it will also create an even larger demand for a better internet infrastructure with faster and more plentiful bandwidth.  I for one can hardly wait to have a 1gb broadband connection coming to my house.

Q: If so, how do you plan to adapt to these changes?

A: HostMonster is constantly upgrading our infrastructure to prepare for future growth and needs.  As the web and browser capabilities continue to expand we understand that more processing power and higher amounts of bandwidth will be needed.  We recently upgraded our bandwidth with two new 10GB fiber lines to provide our customers with an even larger amount of bandwidth in preparation for new technologies.

Q: Will your company see any new and exciting changes in the next few months?

A: HostMonster and our partner companies will soon be releasing a new platform of hosting that is a shared platform with VPS like protection.  We have already begun testing in live environments and the performance of servers will be unlike anything available in the budget hosting arena.  The service level we will provide will be able to compete directly with VPS hosting environments at a fraction of the cost.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to tell visitors?

A: is one of the best sources for legitimate hosting information and reviews, make sure you take advantage of the great discounted pricing made available through the site when signing up for our services and remember that the discount is on your first hosting term so the longer the term, the more you save. would like to thank you for your time!

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