Dedicated Server Hosting

Each day more and more individuals, businesses, and organizations are switching their web hosting to a dedicated server.  Dedicated server hosting provides a lot more flexibility than shared or VPS hosting option.  Yes, it is true, dedicated servers cost a lot more than shared web hosting; however, you get what you pay for.

If you purchase dedicated web hosting you are in essence renting an entire computer server solely for your use.  With a dedicated server you do not have to share an IP address with hundreds of others on the web but instead you get all of the server resources to yourself.  What does this mean?  It means a lot of things: faster load times, more security, more disk space, more bandwidth, easier access, better reliability, and less chance of getting penalized by Google.

I once heard a story of a person who was penalized by Google simply because they had a shared web hosting account and one other site on the same server was participating in a lot of spam.  Google caught on to the spammer and put a penalty on the IP which affected everyone else on the server.  Google has since got a lot smarter but I still don’t think this is a chance worth taking if you depend on Google for strong rankings.

For some people it is not logical to spend a $100+ a month on web hosting; however, any reputable company or mid-to-large size web site should highly consider switching.

If you are looking to sign up for a dedicated server, I would highly suggest going with HostGator.  HostGator is know for their great and reliable dedicated server hosting.   Make sure you use the coupon code “alreadyhosting” during checkout to save a little bit on your initial purchase.

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