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Hello, my name is Jessica and I am the co operator of the popular web hosting review site  With a little research one can find how competitive web hosting terms are in Google; in fact, there are currently 165,000,000 results for the word web hosting.  There are millions of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guides on the web; however, it is extremely hard to find one written by a site that actually has proven them self as a Google authority site.  In the next few paragraphs I am going to share with you some methods that we have found successful and will provide you with a few tips to help improve your web site ranking in Google.

Top Search Engine Optimization Tip

I believe the most important thing in SEO is to build quality web sites that offer valuable information to your visitors.  Yes, it is possible to practice black-hat techniques to achieve short term ranking; however, Google will figure you out and will punish you site.  Do not try to achieve perfect Google ranking in a day, week, or even a month; it is best to take your time and provide quality information to your visitors, it will pay off in the long run.

On-Site SEO Techniques

There are many things that you can do to help your on-site SEO but the two most important things to focus on are: tags and on site link structure.

First, tags are very important and should be handled properly.  Title tags, H1 Tags, H2 Tags, and Tag descriptions are VERY important to SEO and should be added to every web site.  The Google Bot cannot read text found within images; for this reason all of your information and content should be well organized as text.  I have personally witnessed the importance of the Title Tags and Heading Tags, it seems as if Google pays a lot of attention to these specific tags.  I recently saw a perfect example to prove my theory:  If you Google, “Silicon Valley SEO” and look at the #1 result you will find that is has very little content, in fact, it only has 1 heading tag and title tag.  The term silicon valley SEO is not very competitive; therefore, simply having the main keywords in the link, and tags allowed this keyword to rank #1 in Google.

Second, link structure is very important for on-site SEO.  This is perhaps one of the most over-looked factors in search engine optimization.  It has not been 100% proven; however, I would say with 99.5% confidence that on-site links pass link juice just as external links.  Any time I build a new page I always look for relative and related content on my site and link back to other pages on my site.  This method of linking not only passes link juice and improves my site’s pagerank but it also helps the Google Bot navigate my site.  Google has made it clear that they favor websites which provide quality and related content to their visitors. With this fact in mind, I have found it beneficial to link to 2-3 external website that VERY CLOSELY related to the content on my site.  Many webmasters are too focused on link trading and link selling and forget to give FREE links out to sites that truly deserve a link.  In the next few moments I will look at some important link-building strategies and tips that will help your site succeed.

Guide To External SEO

There are many ways to build rankings using legit external link strategies and there are many ways to building links in a black-hat fashion.  We do not support black-hat link building strategies; in fact, anyone looking for long-term search engine optimization should focus on being honest and avoid link spamming.  Our web hosting review site has many link building strategies but in the next few moments I would like to focus on three common link building practices use by webmasters around the world.

  1. Participating in online forums.
  2. Link Trading
  3. Link Buying

First, let us look at online forum participation and how it can help search engine rankings.  There are many popular discussion forums online including Digitalpoint, Sitepoint, and many others.  Like any link building strategy there are good and bad ways of doing things in forums.  Online forums DO NOT like spam and do not appreciate posts that are designed only to push a link; with this in mind, it is best to add your link to your signature and then write quality posts on the forum, you gain a link and the forum gains quality information (a win/win).  Most forum links carry very little link juice; however, I have found it very beneficially to use these signature links to promote secondary pages of your website; for example: I like to advertise my HostMonster Review page using these forums.

Link trading is another common strategy used by many webmasters; however, I am here to tell you that most webmasters approach link trading in a very poor way.  I have found that having 3-4 link partnerships with Google Authority sites related to my site provides much better results than having 20+ partnerships with any site with Pagerank.  As previously mentioned, Google does not like SPAMMY websites, therefore, if a site tries to build ranking by partnering with unrelated sites they can be penalized.  I personally think that Google is ok with link partnerships when a site partners with a related site that has great Google ranking and provide great content.

Link buying is probably the riskiest method used to gain search engine rankings and we would encourage our readers to avoid this technique if at all possible.  Using sites like should be out of the question because you are buying multiple non-related links having the primary intention of manipulating Google results.  If you intend to sell advertisement or links on your website it is wise to use the rel=”nofollow” tag, doing so will tell Google that you are not “voting” for the site and your link juice will not be passed on.

In essence the best link building strategy is the one that happens naturally; provide content that your visitors will find useful and encourage them to link back to your site.. (Example:  If you like this article I would really appreciate a free link ;).  Google will reward you for being patient and it is wise to do so.

SEO Conclusion

Depending on your niche and how competitive your keywords are you may alter your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies from page to page.  On-site and off-site SEO are both very important to achieving high search engine rankings.  It is important to use white-hat search engine optimization techniques and do everything possible to avoid turning your site into a “spammy site” in Google’s eyes, your hard work will pay off.

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