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When is comes to “Green Web Hosting is the best! is leading the way in the web hosting industry for switching over to 100% green energy. This simple guide will outline and their great web hosting package!

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HostPapa Green Web Hosting: is known for being the best in the green web hosting industry. Lets take a few moments and look at some of the characteristics that separate HostPapa from competitors. First, in a world where there is a lot of environmental negligence from major industries, HostPapa has taken a stand. Unlike competitors Host Papa offers 100% green energy web hosting. HostPapa also uses 100% green renewal able energy to power their data centers, web servers, office computers, laptops, and office space.

How do they do it? (Information Provided on

HostPapa certainly do not have a wind turbine on the roof of our data center! Sure, it would be a neat thing to have, but that is not the case. After an energy audit by an outside provider to calculate our total electrical energy consumption from traditional sources, HostPapa purchased “green energy tags” or certificates from a certified green energy supplier. That supplier calculates the total energy consumption of our operation and uses their suppliers of green energy to pump in 100% equivalent energy back into the power grid. This effectively cuts down on the carbon dioxide-producing (CO2) energy that they normally would have required from non-green energy sources.

HostPapa have actually calculated that, since they started to purchase green energy in 2006, they have removed roughly 40,000 kg of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases affecting our environment. That’s the equivalent of removing 20 cars from the highway each year!

By purchasing the green energy certificates, have completely offset the amount of greenhouse gas production by our current electricity providers with certified wind and solar-power providers in the United States and Canada.

Why did they do it? (Information Provided on

Simply put, did it because of their commitment to corporate responsibility and to the environment. Ultimately, we wanted to be the green leader in web hosting. The servers and equipment they use at HostPapa run 24 hours per day and consume a great deal of electricity. HostPapa does not want burden the world just because they require that electricity to light up their servers? HostPapa is dedicated to keeping a clean environment.

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What Is Green Energy?

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For those of you who may not understand green energy we have copied an article by HostPapa for your review.

Green Tags are created when wind power or other renewable energy is substituted for traditional power. The result is a shift away from our dependence on burning fossil fuel to produce electricity. Using clean renewable energy is friendly to the environment and reduces emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Green Tags represent the real savings in carbon dioxide and other pollutants that occur when green power replaces burning fossil fuel.

Renewable energy is still a little more expensive than buying traditional power, so Green Tags are purchased in addition to the electricity that you are now using. Buying Green Tags has the same effect as buying green power. Both replace fossil fuel generators with clean renewables, and both have exactly the same environmental benefits.

The purchase of Green Tags – which are also called renewable energy certificates – supports the production of renewable energy in the United States and Canada. Participants continue to receive a separate electricity bill from that provided by their utility company. For every unit of renewable energy generated, equivalent amounts of Green Tags (renewable certificates) are produced. Green Tags support new renewable electricity generation, which offsets the environmental effects of burning coal, gas, and other fossil fuels in the region where the renewable generator is located, and helps shift the overall energy mix toward more renewable resources. Also, Green Tags help build a market for renewable energy, reduce global climate change, and may have other environmental benefits such as reducing regional air pollution. “

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