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By: Terry Leoncio Allen
Some people who go out to start a website think getting free hosting is a great way to get there site online. I am going to go over the Pros and cons of each service to see what is best way forward for you and your website.

Free Hosting Cons:


2.Advert driven (some may show adverts on your website)

3.Bad support (Not all free hosts can afford dedicated support staff)

4.Space and bandwidth (you will more than likely be restricted to a certain amount and if your site grows you may have trouble upgrading)

Paid Hosting Pros:

1.Support (Getting support for your website when its down is invaluable even if at 3am)

2.Uptime (Most paid hosts will have excellent uptime records)

3.Space and Bandwidth (they will allow your website to grow and you can upgrade to accommodate your website)


So there we have it whether your website is going to be a hobby or it is going to be your business then don’ go and put your site in jeopardy before you even start by getting it hosted free when these days for few bucks you can get reliable paid hosting for hundreds of top web hosting companies.

Most companies now have excellent opportunities for upgrading and helping your site grow as it gathers momentum and grows into that great website you always dreamed you would have. So to enable your site to get of to the best possible start online you should consider putting your hand in your pocket and paying that extra few dollars to ensure your site is set up to the best of your abilities. As we see from the pros and cons paid web hosting is the best if not the only way to ensure your site does well when it is online.




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