Fantastico Hosting – Making Life Easier!

On the surface, running a website seems simple enough; however, if you ask any experienced webmaster, you would be told that it entails a whole lot more than meets the eye.  This is certainly not to say that it involves great talent but it does mean that you look for efficient ways of doing things without getting bogged down by the technical aspect of it all.

One of the basic things that a webmaster does is install PHP scripts.  While it is an easy job for those with the required technical expertise, for others it is a time consuming task. A great tool that makes it easier for the webmaster that does not have the knowledge to install PHP scripts, is without doubt – Fantastico.  The name itself has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Every webmaster, at some point or the other hears of Fantastico.  One of the places it is most visible is in your control panel, such as cPanel.

What is Fantastico?

Fantastico is a PHP web application service installer that auto-installs mostly open-source web applications and some proprietary programs to a website with ease. These scripts are installed from the website’s control panel such as cPanel. They are usually run when a new website is created or when a new web application is added to an old website.  All that a webmaster needs to do is to tell the script where it has to be installed and give the name of the database, and it takes just a few seconds for the script to be up and running. This makes it possible even for the uninitiated webmaster to run any sort of program with ease.

Fantastico Hosting Plans

Signing up for a hosting plan with Fantastico will save a whole lot of time and money for website owners. Without an auto-installer such as Fantastico, webmasters who need help with script installation on their websites will have to pay as much as $20 or above per installation to professional script installers. Imagine the time and money this would save if you had to install more than a few scripts. Another advantage of using Fantastico hosting is that there is less chance of errors with it than with manual installation. It comes back with all the database issues and other errors.

Some of the key benefits enjoyed by websites using Fantastico hosting are:

  • Fantastico is an extremely easy to use auto-installer that even new webmasters find easy to use.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • This popular auto-installer is unbelievably flexible and integrates well with a wide range of scripts, and works across all systems and servers.
  • The uptime offered under most Fantastico hosting plans is very high.

Fantastico hosting is offered by most hosting providers as part of their hosting packages. There are many Fantastico hosts around that have decent hosting plans, with a good bandwidth and disk space, unlimited databases, FTP accounts and free domain names.

One of the first things that webmasters will want to know about Fantastico hosting is the things that can be installed.

There are several scripts that can be run.  Some of those that work well with Fantastico are:

  • Blogs including WordPress
  • Web content management systems, such as Joomla and Drupal
  • Discussion boards
  • Shopping cart software
  • Photo sharing
  • >Polls and surveys
  • Wikis
  • Customer support functions
  • Site builders

The beauty of a Fantastico hosting plan is that it offers everything that is needed to create a dynamic professional looking website, without having to break your head over what needs to be done or go to the trouble of spending huge amounts of money for seeking professional help.

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