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By: Mikhail Viznyuk

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I am a current customer of the infamous GoDaddy.com web hosting company. Though my experience with the company first-hand is short, I have found it quite enjoyable and a pleasant experience. They offer tremendous support that is available around the clock, as well as amazing web hosting tools that are very easy to use and can slim hours worth of work down into only a few clicks.

From the very start, the process was pain free to sign up for GoDaddy. It was quick and easy, and with no hidden fee’s attached. Everything was written universally so that anybody could go and buy hosting as well as a domain. Furthermore, they contact you over the phone periodically to see if there is anything that they can do for you such as offer deals or help with setting up. Likewise, their tools to help with web hosting are very easy to come by and each one works flawlessly to help get any simple task done. Together, the tools achieve a very superior level of simplicity as well as comfortability. To top it all off, GoDaddy’s prices for these services are almost free compared to the same services offered by either resellers or other hosting providers.


There has only been a few problems that I have found with GoDaddy, though. For one, you must use their FTP access tool located on their website rather than use any FTP client of your choice as the FTP continues to disconnect and interrupt transfers and to top it all off, the transfers take quite a long time to complete. The tool placements are often widespread and take quite a few clicks to get to. In order to venture through GoDaddy to simply set up a subdomain or look up Hosting statistics, it takes roughly three or four minutes compared to many other sites who offer it either at a portal or in quick links.

Overall, though, my experience with GoDaddy has been great, and with the coverage and support that they have gotten, I believe that another hosting provider that would achieve something of even greater stature would be extremely hard to come by.



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