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In todays world, its a bit more difficult to find that perfect domain name. Many of the great domain names are taken and you’ll pay a fortune to obtain them. The trend isn’t stopping either. As the industry becomes more competitive we take a look at the things you can do to land that perfect domain name.
You have to start that search somewhere otherwise you’ll never find that nugget. A good place to start is at some of the major players websites, or All of these will tell you if the name is available, how much it is to register, the current traffic and if it was registered in the past. Choose a domain that best fits your business or if your trying to brand something do so in a way that individuals can tell what your business does based on a name. Prices for domains range anywhere from $7 all the way into the millions.
Other tools such as and can also be used to search by niche or category. If you do your research and play your cards right you can also go to and find the domains that are soon to expire.
Overall, It is important to find a domain with good metrics if you are investing a lot into it. Or check out its previous history as you do not want to associate yourself with a domain that was previously used for spamming.
Don’t purchase anything other then a .com name
The cold hard truth is that .com was here from the beginning. It possesses a certain place that is embedded into some of the biggest search engines coding. Don’t jump on that domain that is hyphenated or .net or something of that order because you can run into issues such as emails going to your competitors or customers being defaulted to the .com name.
Be Creative
Those one word domain names were all swiped up in the 90s by some of the biggest companies in the world and by investors, or early adaptors. If you need to have one of those one word domains, you’ll probably break the bank, however use your brain and think of extensions that could be added to that one word. Things such as industry specific words like medical, electric, tech, etc. Other creative things include taking that one word and mixing it with evergreen words including; top, star, First, point.
Come up with creative phrases. People remember these over generic names and it can be a great way to set yourself apart from others.
Create a Brand
Some of the biggest names in the world created names based off of no meaning. They have created a brand, and invented a name based on emotion or feeling. Try to use a name that can only be spelled one way so that users are redirected to the correct name if miss spelled.
Check out the Legalities
Go to to find out if you can trademark it. If your name doesn’t show up it doesn’t mean your in the clear. There might be local business’ who also have this name. It is suggested that you check with an attorney or online trademark company such as
Overall, your name is very important. Its the first thing users see when they surf the net. Be sure to use a name that is catchy or recognizable. First impressions are everything. Do your research, take your time and choose carefully and hopefully you business will be off and running.

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