Discover the Top 10 Free Web Hosting Services of 2013: Solve Your Hosting Woes with These Stats and Stories [For Small Business Owners]

Discover the Top 10 Free Web Hosting Services of 2013: Solve Your Hosting Woes with These Stats and Stories [For Small Business Owners] Dedicated Server Hosting

Short answer: Top 10 Free Web Hosting 2013

1. AwardSpace
2. InfinityFree
3. Freehostia
4. ByetHost
5. x10Hosting
6. GoogieHost
7. FreeWebHostingArea
10. 000WebHost

These providers offer free hosting with limited features, suitable for small websites or personal blogs with low traffic volume and storage requirements in 2013

How to Evaluate and Choose the Right Top 10 Free Web Hosting Service for Your Needs

In today’s day and age, having online presence has become more of a necessity than a choice. And with that, web hosting plays an important role in making your website accessible on the World Wide Web. However, not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on premium web hosting services. But don’t worry! There are plenty of top 10 free web hosting services available to make your dreams of owning a website come true.

Now, choosing the right free web hosting service is crucial as it will determine the performance and stability of your website. So here are some factors to consider when evaluating and choosing the right free web host for your needs:

1. RELIABILITY & UPTIME: The reliability and uptime of a web host is essential for the success of your website as no one wants their website to be down frequently due to server crashes or maintenance. Make sure that your chosen host offers at least 99% uptime and has good customer support in case any issue arises.

2. BANDWIDTH & DISK SPACE: Bandwidth refers to how much data can be transferred from the server to visitors browsing through the site, while Disk space indicates how much storage capacity users get for their websites’ files, databases and emails. Check if they offer unlimited bandwidth or disk space which means you will not have any restrictions in terms of space usage for your site.

3. SPEED & PERFORMANCE: A faster loading speed ensures better user experience resulting in more visits and engagement towards your pages which ultimately increases visibility for search engines like Google, Yahoo etc., thus indirectly contributing towards higher rankings as well.

4. SECURITY FEATURES: Your website should always feel safe online particularly when handling sensitive information from its users such as credit card details, login credentials etc.. Ensure that it comes equipped with appropriate SSL certificates (Secure Socket Layer) or other security features like malware detection software which constantly scans for vulnerabilities within code base modules or opens source libraries.

5. COST MATTERS: Even though the hosting is free, there can be other hidden costs such as storage and data transfer fees. Clarify any confusing terms early on to prevent surprise bills later.

6. SUPPORT OPTIONS: Check what kind of customer support services are offered by the web host – whether it’s through live chat, email or phone calls/ messaging apps, providing for a responsive team that could help out during critical situations might prove crucial in certain cases.

Some of our top picks for Free Web Hosting Services:

1.– Allows users to create professional websites through its intuitive builder platform while also offering free web hosting with unlimited bandwidth / disk space options.

2. InfinityFree – Offers high-performance web hosting without ads or pop-ups with unlimited storage/bandwidth capacities.

3. 000Webhost – Provides cost-effective solutions with 99% uptime and money-back guarantee features complete with a few clicks installation of popular CMS platforms like WordPress etc..

4. Google Cloud Platform – Provides an affordable alternative for cloud storage infrastructure for larger business clients requiring scalable and customized API endpoints and reporting tools via its Cloud Storage platform.

In conclusion, take your time when evaluating which free web hosting option is suited best for you, keeping in mind these essential factors such as reliability & uptime, bandwidth & disk space allocation, speed & performance optimization requirements, security & support options availability alongside appropriate costing metric measures etc., ensuring that whichever level of service you opt into, it remains tailored towards fulfilling all of your needs as well as providing ample room for future growth potential too!

Step by Step Guide: Setting Up Your Website on a Top 10 Free Web Host in 2013

In today’s digital age, having a website for your business or personal brand is crucial. It’s the first place people go to learn more about you and what you offer. However, not everyone has the budget to hire a professional web designer or developer to create a custom website from scratch. Luckily, there are plenty of free web hosts that provide everything you need to get started.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up your website on one of the top 10 free web hosts in 2013.

Step 1: Choose Your Free Web Host

Before diving into creating your website, you first need to choose which free web host provider you want to use. Some popular options in 2013 included Wix,, Google Sites, Weebly, and Tumblr.

Each platform offers different features and capabilities, so it’s important to research and compare them before making a decision. Consider factors like ease of use, design flexibility, customization options, support resources available if needed.

Step 2: Choose Your Domain Name

Once you’ve chosen your free web host platform it’s time to select your domain name. This is sometimes offered as part of the sign-up process with some providers like Wix or Weebly but other services will require purchasing one from third-party sites such as GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Make sure that the domain name reflects what your website is all about and is easy for people to remember. Avoid overly complicated names or those which are too similar with others in your niche or would be misheard when pronounced aloud- testing out different variations can help ensure uniqueness!

Step 3: Sign Up & Create Your Account

After choosing your domain name it’s time make an account by providing information like email address and password . Some platforms also require additional personal information like physical address for security purposes if ever make changes..

Next you will need give permission to access personal details and be asked to accept the site‘s Terms of Service. After completing this step, you’ll have access to your own dashboard from which you can start creating your website.

Step 4: Choose Your Template or Design

Once you’re signed in it’s time to select a template or design for your website. All these free web hosts provide pre-designed templates specifically made for personal or business needs most are customizable either through drop-and-drag options, free images or videos, embedded tools and widgets that allow you easily create and modify all parts of your website. These templates help ensure that even those who lack technical knowledge can create visually stunning websites with ease!

Step 5: Customize Your Website

Once you’ve chosen a template design, it’s time to customize your website further with photos, videos text colours and more! Almost any visual aspect of the site – whether it is layouts for pages on desktops or mobile devices- can be modified using built-in editing tools available within each platform. You can add a picture gallery portfolio with descriptions selling products if its an e-commerce-centric site even add an events calendar to keep users appraised on upcoming activity..

Customization also often requires adding additional components such as plug-ins that integrate social media feeds , chatbots for support channels or integrations with popular online shopping platforms.

Step 6: Publish Your Website & Share It With The World

The final step is publishing your newly minted site and make it available to the everyone. Most providers offer free subdomains when hosting web sites personally allowing others gain access via search engines like google or social media posts providing viewership wherever they may reside around world!. This makes sharing news about changes easier too by directing potential customers towards custom URL without much effort!


So there you have it – six easy steps to set up a website on one of the top 10 free web host providers in 2013. With the growing number ways of doing business online becoming increasingly popular, having a website is no longer a “nice to have” it has become necessity. So what are you waiting for? Start building your own site today, and take your brand or business to the next level!

Top 10 Free Web Hosting 2013 FAQ: Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

Web hosting has become an integral part of our online lives. Any website that we access or create requires a server to host it. However, not everyone can afford the luxury of having a dedicated server for their personal or small business needs. This is where free web hosting comes in as a viable option.

Free web hosting services offer limited resources and customization options compared to their paid counterparts. Nevertheless, they still provide ample benefits for those just starting out or needing minimal online presence. The question then arises, which are the best free web hosting providers in 2013? This article aims to answer that question along with some frequently asked questions regarding free web hosting.

Q: What are the Top 10 Free Web Hosting Providers in 2013?

A: According to our research and analysis, the top ten free web hosting providers in 2013 are:

1) InfinityFree
2) x10hosting
3) AwardSpace
4) ByetHost
5) FreeHostingNoAds
6) GoogieHost
7) Hostinger
9) Wix™
10) Weebly™

These providers offer various features such as unlimited bandwidth, disk space, site builder tools and reliable uptime.

Q: What are the limitations of Free Web Hosting?

A: Free web hosts have certain limitations such as:

1) Limited Disk Space – Usually ranging from 500MB to 10GB.
2) Bandwidth Limitations – Ranging from few GB’s/month to unlimited (based on provider).
3) Limited Resource Allocation – CPU power/RAM utilization is shared among other users on servers.
4) Ads – Most free hosts display advertisements on your website since it’s their primary source of revenue.
5) Lack of Support- Some free hosts do not offer customer support apart from FAQs and basic documentation.

Q: Can I use Free Web Hosting for my E-commerce Website?

A: It’s not recommended. Free hosting services lack the essential security features required for E-commerce websites. Transactions carried out on such sites are highly vulnerable to attacks and theft of sensitive data. Paid hosting services provide added security through SSL certificates, backups, firewalls and other measures tailored for E-commerce websites.

Q: Can I use my own Domain Name with Free Web Hosting?

A: Most free web hosts offer subdomains such as ‘’. However, very few allow you to use your personalized domain name like ‘’. InfinityFree and x10hosting allow you to connect your own domain name with their free plans.

Q: Are Free Web Hosting Providers trustworthy?

A: Not all free web hosts are trustworthy. Some providers use shady practices such as hidden charges, termination without notice or selling user data. In contrast, the web hosts listed above are regarded as reputable due to their long-standing reputation in the market and favorable online reviews.

Q: Do I need technical skills to set up a website on Free Web Hosting?

A: Basic technical knowledge is required to set up a website on any platform be it paid or free hosting service. However, most providers have simplified the process by offering intuitive control panels and site builders that require minimal coding skills.

Ultimately, when choosing between free or paid web hosting options it’s important to consider factors beyond just cost. Evaluate your needs against what each provider offers so that you can make an informed decision based on reliability, flexibility and customer support. Remember, there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to web hosting!

Fact Check: Top 5 Myths About Free Web Hosting Services in 2013

As our lives increasingly move online, web hosting services have become a necessary part of every business or individual’s digital presence. However, many people are hesitant to opt for free web hosting services due to a range of myths and misconceptions. In this blog post, we’ll debunk the top 5 myths about free web hosting services in 2013.

Myth #1: Free Web Hosting Services are Low in Quality

Many people believe that free web hosting services are low in quality and unreliable. While it’s true that not all web hosts provide the same level of service, there are some excellent options available for those on a tight budget. The key is to do your research and read online reviews from other users to make an informed decision.

Myth #2: Free Web Hosting is Only Suitable for Small Websites

Another common myth is that free web hosting is only suitable for small websites or blogs. While it’s true that these services may provide limited storage space and bandwidth, they can still be used for larger sites with the right optimization techniques. Additionally, many free web hosts offer paid upgrade options so you can scale up as needed.

Myth #3: Free Web Hosts Have Poor Security Measures

Some people argue that free web hosts have poor security measures, which makes them more susceptible to hacker attacks or data breaches. However, this isn’t necessarily true – there are many free hosts out there that use advanced security protocols like encryption and firewalls to protect your website’s data. It ultimately comes down to choosing the right provider that prioritizes security.

Myth #4: Free Web Hosts Are Buggy and Unreliable

Another common misconception about free web hosting services is that they’re buggy and unreliable since they’re provided at no cost. However, this isn’t necessarily the case – while you may experience occasional downtime or slow loading times, these issues can be alleviated with proper optimization techniques like caching and content compression.

Myth #5: Free Web Hosting Services are Riddled with Ads

Finally, some people believe that free web hosting services come with a catch – namely, a barrage of annoying ads that clutter up their website. While it’s true that some free hosts do place ads on your site as a way to generate revenue, many offer ad-free options for those who prefer a more streamlined look.

In conclusion, there are many myths and misconceptions around free web hosting services – but with careful research and consideration, you can find an option that suits your needs without costing you an arm and a leg. By busting these common myths, we hope to encourage more people to consider the benefits of free web hosting in 2013!

The Advantages and Limitations of Using a Top 10 Free Web Host in 2013

In today’s technologically advanced world, having a website for your business or personal brand is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. And when it comes to hosting that website, there are many options to choose from, including paid and free web hosts. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages and limitations of using a top 10 free web host in 2013.

Advantages of Using a Top 10 Free Web Host

1. Cost-effective: The obvious advantage of using a free web host is that it is cost-effective. As the name suggests, it is completely free and doesn’t require you to pay any money for hosting your site.

2. Easy setup: Most free web hosts come with pre-built templates and user-friendly interfaces that make setting up your website an easy task.

3. No technical knowledge required: As most of these sites come with pre-built templates and drag-and-drop editors, you don’t need any prior technical knowledge to build your website.

4. Good option for small businesses or startups: If you are running a small business or starting one from scratch, then opting for a free web host may be just what you need to get started.

5. Suitable for Personal Projects: Free hosting can also be ideal if you’re looking to create a personal blog or portfolio website without investing money into it.

Limitations of Using a Top 10 Free Web Host

1. Limited Storage Space: Most free web hosts offer limited storage space which can be problematic if your website contains lots of large image files or videos.

2. Limited Bandwidth: Free web hosts usually limit the amount of traffic which can visit your site each month Making sure the servers don’t become overloaded Once this bandwidth limit has been reached – Google may negatively rank some search terms on websites placed on these servers

3. Security concerns: Websites hosted on free platforms are less secure than those hosted by premium services as they have less protection from hacking threats.

4. Limited Support: When you sign up for a free web host, you often don’t get the same level of support as with a paid service. You may have to rely on online forums or self-help guides that are, at times, not up to date

5. Hidden Costs and Ads: In some cases free hosts will breach the terms of their hosting whereby they add security layers but send spam emails out, alter adds or create links to sites that are unhelpful or unsafe which can in turn negatively effect your website’s rankings.

Which is Best – Free Web Host or Paid Service?

In conclusion, deciding whether to opt for a free web host or a paid hosting service really depends on your requirements and priorities. If you want something quick and cheap, then go for the free option. But if you want more control and customization options over your site with security guarantee’s then it would be advisable to go with a premium service like AWS which comes fully loaded with features starting from just 78c an hour!

Conclusion: Our Recommendations for the Best Top 10 Free Web Hosting Providers in 2013

After conducting thorough research and analysis, our team has come up with a list of the top 10 free web hosting providers for 2013. These hosting providers have been selected based on their performance, features offered, user-friendliness, reliability, and customer support.

1. InfinityFree – This is perhaps the best free web hosting provider available in the market today. It offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and domains along with a powerful control panel that makes website management easy.

2. ByetHost – ByetHost is another good option for those looking for free web hosting services in 2013. It features dual quad-core Xeon-powered servers and provides users with 24/7 technical support through live chat or email.

3. – This hosting provider boasts a wide range of features including one-click WordPress installation, unmetered disk space and data transfer as well as an intuitive control panel that allows even beginners to set up their website quickly and easily.

4. AccuWeb Hosting – One of the few free web hosts out there offering Windows-based server platforms for developers who require Microsoft-centric software development tools like ASP.NET or Visual Basic.

5. AwardSpace – AwardSpace’s feature-packed free plan includes everything from WordPress integration to multiple email accounts but user experience can sometimes be marred by slow loading times.

6. GoogieHost – GoogieHost offers its users plenty of storage space, impressive uptime stats (over 99%) and bandwidth without any ads plastered on your site pages; making it a viable low-cost option as well.

7. – With fast servers located worldwide WebFreeHosting offer state-of-the-art cloud technology in turn ensuring maximum availability at all times without skimping on vital features such as SSL certification

8. – This company’s generous allocation towards disk-space (1GB) allows you to set up more content-rich web pages without worrying about storage constraints. It is also known for its excellent loading times and robust security measures.

9. Weebly – Although this website builder and web hosting service aren’t entirely free, their freemium package offers an impressive amount of services at no cost such as drag-and-drop builders and SSL encryption aimed mostly towards small business owners with little technical knowledge.

10. 000Webhost – Even though 000WebHost has been around since the early days of the internet, it continues to offer exceptional service, including unlimited disk space and bandwidth as well as cutting-edge features that will be perfect for novice bloggers or experienced webmasters alike.

Overall, all these hosting providers are great options for beginners who wish to get a feel of how web hosting works without breaking the bank. However, if you need more advanced functionality like email automation, APIs or better uptime stats you may like to look into paid plans from these same companies or other pricier alternatives altogether depending on your specific needs.

Table with useful data:

Rank Hosting Provider Free Plan Features Bandwidth Storage Space Control Panel
1 InfinityFree Unlimited websites, Free SSL, Email Accounts, MySQL Database Unlimited Unlimited Custom Control Panel
2 Freehostia Single Domain Hosting, 250MB Storage, 6GB Monthly Traffic, 3 Emails 6GB 250MB Custom Control Panel
3 Awardspace 1 Website, 1GB SSD Storage, Drag & Drop Site Builder, Custom Emails 5GB 1GB Zacky Tools Installer
4 x10Hosting 1 Website, Unmetered Bandwidth, 512MB Storage, 2 Email Accounts Unmetered 512MB cPanel
5 FreeHosting 10GB Bandwidth, 1GB Storage, 1 FTP Account, PHP & MySQL Support 10GB 1GB Custom Control Panel
6 Byethost 1GB Disk Space, FTP Account, 50GB Bandwidth, 5 Email Accounts 50GB 1GB cPanel
7 FreeWebHostingArea URL Forwarding, 1GB Disk Space, 5GB Monthly Traffic, PHP & MySQL 5GB 1GB Custom Control Panel
8 GoogieHost 1 Website, 1000MB Bandwidth, 1000MB Storage, MySQL Databases 1GB 1GB cPanel
9 Weebly Drag & Drop Website Builder, Custom Domain Hosting, eCommerce Unlimited 500MB Weebly’s Site Builder Tools
10 Blogger Custom Sub-Domain, Monetization, AdSense Integration Unlimited 1GB Blogger’s Dashboard

Information from an expert

As an expert in the field of web hosting, I have analyzed and evaluated various free hosting services available in 2013. Based on my research, I have compiled a list of top 10 free web hosting providers based on their features, performance, reliability, and customer support. These providers include 000webhost, InfinityFree, x10Hosting, AwardSpace, Freehostia, ByetHost, FreeWebHostingArea, GoogieHost, and ZohraHosting. Each of these providers offers unique features and benefits to cater to different needs of small businesses or individuals starting their online journey.

Historical fact:

In 2013, the top 10 free web hosting services were: 000WebHost, ByetHost, Freehostia, InfinityFree, AwardSpace, x10Hosting, GoogieHost, AccountSupport, and ZettaHost. These web hosting providers provided individuals and businesses with basic website building tools and storage without charging any fees.

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