HostGator Dedicated Servers are Among the Best

HostGator is one of the World’s largest web hosting providers and for good reason. is know for their shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, and of course their dedicated servers.

It is true that dedicated servers cost significantly more than shared hosting; however, you also get so much more with HostGator dedicated web servers.  This hosting provider offers four different dedicated server hosting options and each of these options rank among the best in the web hosting industry.  The four levels of dedicated hosting include: Basic, Standard, Elite, or Pro.  You can also choose from a Linux dedicated server or a Windows dedicated Server.

HostGator Basic Dedicated Servers
The cheapest dedicated hosting option is the basic option which costs $174.00 dollars per month.  With this option you will receive 1GB of Ram, 250 GB of Hard Drive Space, 1500 GB of Bandwidth and it is set up to run with almost all scripts.  This basic dedicated server by HostGator will give you super quick surfing speeds and a reliable server that will likely never go down

HostGator Standard Dedicated Servers
Secondly we have the HostGator Standard dedicated servers which only costs $219.00 a month.  This option is an upgrade of the basic package and includes 4GB of memory (super speeds) 500 GB of HD Space, 1500 GB of Bandwidth, and you will also receive 10 unique IP Addresses.  This dedicated hosting package by HostGator is possibly the most popular package of the four.

HostGator Elite Dedicated Servers
The Elite package offered by HostGator offers all of the same features of the two smaller packages; however, you once again benefit from updades.  The HostGator Elite Dedicated Server comes with 4GB of RAM, 1000 GB of Disk Space, 2500 GB of Bandwidth, and includes Intel Xeon 3210 (Quad Core) processor, this will make server speeds lightnight quick!  This package costs $279.00 a month!

HostGator Pro Dedicated Servers
The most expensive dedicated hosting option offered by HostGator rings in at $374.00 a month.  This Host Gator dedicated server is for those individuals who demand the most out of their web server.  With this server you will receive 8GB of Ram, 1000 GB of disk space, 2500 GB of Bandwidth and includes a Intel Xeon 3360 (Quad Core) processor.  The is perhaps the most powerful dedicated hosting options on the web and has been considered among the best in the world!

You cannot go wrong with HostGator dedicated server hosting.  For more information on the four plans all you have to do is check out this page by that outlines HostGator dedicated hosting.

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