Top 3 Church Web Hosting:

Not only am I the owner of but I also am a preacher’s kid. Throughout the years I have built many web sites and have designed and consulted many church web pages. I understand the importance of finding affordable church web hosting but I also know how it is important to find reliable church hosting. With all of these factors in mind I bring you the top 3 church web hosting sites:

Rank Web Hosting Company Church Hosting Features Price Hosting Review
#1 BlueHost          images-2
Best Church Web Hosting
Profanity Filter/Block
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Domain Hosting
Free Domain Name
BlueHost Review
Host Rating: 96%
#2 HostMonster   hostmonster-coupon-featured-50x50

Top Church Web Hosting

Profanity Filter/Block
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Domain Hosting
Free Domain Name
$3.49 HostMonster Review
Host Rating: 99%
#3 iPage                 12079219_155809594765921_3072281478459124647_n

Cheap Church Web Hosting

Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
$1.99 iPage Review
Host Rating: 94%

Church Web Hosting:

For the most part church web hosting is very similar to regular web hosting (with a few exceptions. One major factor that separates regular hosts from web hosting that support church sites is a profanity filter/block. Many church web sites allow users to comment or write prayer requests, etc. on the site; however, a lot of churches are soon disappointed to find out that hackers and spammers will soon spam their site with profanity and bad language; therefore, it is essential to purchase your hosting from a church web hosting provider that has a built in spam/profanity filter.

BlueHost and HostMonster are two of the world’s largest web hosting providers; in fact, BlueHost is in the top 10 list of the biggest and most well known web hosting providers. But more impressively these professional web hosting companies DO NOT conform to poor standards and block/delete sites that have bad language and/or porn. BlueHost will help your church web site stay clean from anything that may reflect poorly on your church.

As a preacher’s kid, I am often asked to recommend a web hosting provider to a church. I tell everyone to sign up with HostMonster or BlueHost but I recently found iPage and I think they would also be a great option.

Affordable Church Website Hosting:


All three church website hosting providers that we list on this page offer web hosting for only $4.95/month. Many web hosting providers, especially church web hosting sites, want to overcharge you for web hosting. In fact, many churches are deceived into thinking that they are not getting quality web hosting unless they pay a large sum of money for hosting. However, in reality, the three affordable church website hosting providers offer better service, more hosting space, and more bandwidth than any of the hosts that charge a large sum of money. Why is this? Web hosting providers with a lot of experience and a huge customer base are able to charge less because they have a huge quantity of customers.

Setting up a church web site and church web hosting is actually easier than you may imagine. In fact HostMonster and BlueHost offer a program called SIMPLE scripts and it enables you to set up an entire web site (wordpress, joomla, etc.) with a click of the mouse.

Best Church Web Hosting

As mentioned we think BlueHost, HostMonster, and ProNetHosting are the best Church Web Hosting sites, but why? All three of these hosts offer plenty of disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, and they offer a FREE domain name for life. You will never worry about running out of server resources when you host with one of these three sites. Many churches wish to upload audio or video files from the church services. Many web hosting providers would not allow you to upload these file or may even want to charge you additional fees for doing so; however, the 3 best church web hosting sites listed above do not limit these file formats and allow you to add them for FREE.

The Benefits Of Church Web Hosting

When individuals are looking for a new church they often turn to the internet to do their research. We have had many individuals who joined our church and shared that they found us through the internet. Having an online web presence can help promote your site and it is relativity cheap. Another benefit of church web hosting and church web sites is it allows you to publish church media (sermons, music, etc.) on the web. Many of our homebound church members are able to log on to our site and enjoy the worship services that they otherwise would not be able to enjoy.

Switch Church Web Hosting Providers

It is not hard to switch web hosting providers; in fact, you could save your church hundreds of dollars if you switch to one of our top church web hosting providers. Let’s say you are paying $20/month for web hosting, if you go to and click on “sign up now” you can type in your current church web hosting domain name and transfer it to this new host for only $3.49/month. Transferring your entire site only takes 30-45 minutes and it can save your church $180+ each year which can now be reallocated to other parts of your church.

Web Hosting For Church

It is almost a necessity to start a web site for your church. The benefits of doing so BY FAR out weights the small expenses that you will pay for the web hosting for you church. As a professional web hosting expert and a preacher’s kid; I would HIGHLY suggest signing up for one of the three web hosting providers mentioned above: BlueHost, HostMonster, and iPage.

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