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By: Sean Cartin
The way a business operates has gone through dramatic changes throughout the years. In recent years the market has taken a turn towards the, World Wide Web, the internet.Since the first settlers arrived in the United States there have been business men who sold, traded, and bartered their goods in exchange for something else with equal value. When the first businesses were created they catered solely to the people of that area. The business men did not have the luxury of being able to transport their goods to anyone farther then walking distance. This restricted the type of business they could have. In the North it was important to have what those people needed most. If you had clothing to keep people warm and food in the winter months then you could have a very successful business. The idea of supply and demand is timeless, and is one that has never changed. If the same business man tried to sell those items to someone in the South they would have struggled because the supply is high and the demand is low.

The market dramatically changed once the railroad was built. This allowed people to cater to a small niche in the market. People could choose one area and focus all their attention on it. In turn better products were created and they could then be shipped to people across the country. Since the invention of the railroad the airplane and cargo ship have played a role in expanding business markets across the entire globe. Now, products are made where labor and materials are the cheapest allowing the highest margin of profit. Once the products were made they could then be sold to retailers to be put on shelves and then sold to the consumer. The retailers were middle men between the suppliers and the buyers. Since the suppliers wanted to make as much money as they could and the retailers wanted the same as well the prices for all products would become inflated by the time they reached the typical consumer.

Times changed again with the arrival of the internet. The internet has allowed businesses to catalog their entire inventory online for everyone to browse. Not only is it accessible to everyone but it can be seen at all hours of the day without ever leaving ones home. This was a huge breakthrough for the consumers. Now, they could not only search for the items they desired but they could also easily compare the prices from many retailers. In years past one store had the item you wanted and you would have to pay the price they listed it at, or else you would not be able to buy that item. Now, you can look around and find the lowest priced seller not only nationwide but globally as well.People are now realizing that it is easier and cheaper to shop online. This is why all businesses have to a presence on the web. More and more people each year are doing more of their shopping from the comfort of their own homes. If a certain business doesn’t have a website where the consumers can access their items then they will simply move onto the next website on the list and do their shopping from there.

People are no longer loyal to a certain brand name item, or a certain store. Now, the consumers are looking for the cheapest prices and will buy from anywhere if the price is right. More often than not now the cheapest price is directly from the factory where it is made. Instead of someone building the item then selling it to a retailer to then sell to the consumer they are now skipping the middle man. The producer is making the same amount of money and the consumer is saving money. It is a win win for both of those parties. This has done a huge amount of damage to the middle man. Many of the companies that were successful in years past for being the middle man are now forced to either adapt to the times or be outdone by the powerhouse that is the World Wide Web. So, a company must have a presence on the web to survive any sort of chance of being successful in the future.




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