Web Hosting For New Web Site – 3 Things to Know

Those of you who are looking to create a website for the first time are likely to have a lot of questions.  From your research it is likely that you have found that you will be needing web hosting and a domain name for your site. As a professional web hosting review expert there are three things that I think all new webmasters should understand about web hosting:

This is the best tip that I can offer to new webmasters.  There are a lot of web hosting providers out there that claim to offer “free” web hosting but in reality nothing good comes free.  The owners of these “free web hosting” sites have a desire to make money so they are forced to turn to different methods.   With free web hosting accounts you sit yourself up for spam and constant requests to upgrade to a paid subscription.  Free accounts also will place banner ads on your site, limit the amount of disk space you will get, and will give you a long domain name that no one will ever remember.  FREE web hosting is BAD web hosting and to this day I have yet to find a free web hosting provider that can offer the same quality support that a paid host can offer.

With this all be said it is also important to remember that you should not be paying too much for hosting.  Some well known web hosting providers like Godaddy want to charge you in excess of $8.95 a month for web hosting and then want to turn around and charge you even more for a domain name.  I would caution you from choosing a host like this because they do not provide the same quality service that other hosts can offer.  I would highly recommend choosing a host like Hostmonster or Bluehost because they can offer you unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and a free domain name for life for only $3.95 a month!

One thing that many people over look is the availability of customer support at all hours of the night.  This may now seem important to you now; however, if you depend on your website for money or promotion having no support at 2am could prove to be a problem in the future.   I would always recommend making sure the host offers 24/7 support before signing up.

In this bad economy I would suggest that you look around every corner for savings and web hosting can be no exception.  If you are going to sign up for web hosting I would highly suggest that you do a little research by looking at the latest web hosting coupon codes.  For example, anyone who directly visits Hostmonster or Bluehost will be forced to pay their normal rate of $6.95 a month; however, by clicking on one of our exclusive banners below you can get the exact same hosting for $3.95 a month which is the best rate that they offer hosting.

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