Bluehost Launches Reseller Web Hosting

We are excited to be the very first news outlet to announce that Bluehost has just released a brand new full scale reseller hosting platform released literally minutes ago.   The new platform will allow customers to purchase reseller hosting plans starting at only $19.99.  If you have ever dreamed of starting your own hosting company but didn’t have the platform, resources, or support needed to make a successful host, you now have a way to start a host immediately!

Bluehost, who I can fairly say is one of the best and most successful shared web hosting providers in the world, most likely launched the reseller hosting platform to directly compete with their rival HostGator, who had offered their own version of reseller hosting for years.  I personally have been really impressed with Bluehost hosting throughout the years, in fact, we use their platform to host, and with their professional and friendly support I imagine they will be able to give Hostgator a run for their money with Reseller hosting.

Some of you may be wondering, “What is Reseller web hosting anyways?”…  To sum it up, if you purchase a reseller hosting plan from Bluehost you will be able to resell the space you buy to customers around the world, and make a profit on it by charging more than spent. But the great part is, you don’t have to worry with the headaches and heartaches of maintaining the servers which will drastically cut down on your support concerns.  And if you are every asked a question that you don’t know, you can pick up the phone and call Bluehost and they will help you quickly…

Let’s take a quick look at how you can make money quick with Bluehost’s reseller hosting platform:

Let’s say you purchase Bluehost’s most expensive reseller hosting plan at the rate of $99.95 a month, you will get 500 GB of disk space.  So after having this plan you gain 50 customers and charge them $9.99 a month and let these users share the 500 GB of disk space, you will instantly make roughly $400 per month just on hosting 50 accounts!!! Obviously the more hosting account you sign up under your brand the more money you will make.   Bluehost currently has around 2 million customers, sure it took them a while to get to this number… But for a second, imagine how much money you could make if you even signed up 100,000 customer (using the above pricing)…. Thats over $800,000 PER MONTH… But of course you have to work to get there.

Real money is to be made in the hosting industry and Bluehost is a GREAT hosting provider, I would be comfortable with starting a reselling hosting company using their platform.

Let’s take a look at some of the Bluehost Reseller Web Hosting features:

  • Unlimited Domains, sub-domains, cpanel’s, mySQL databases, FTP accounts, e-mail accounts, and more!
  • You will receive private name servers for your hosting brand!
  • Bluehost will give you access to your own professional billing system to manage customers.
  • Free Spam Protection.
  • You can offer your users a free website builder.
  • You can offer your users FREE simplescript installs.
  • And best of all, it is available in multiple-languages so you can target customers worldwide!

This is definitely a huge announcement in the hosting world and will prove to be a game changer in the reseller hosting space.  I firmly believe that competition is what makes an industry better and I am happy to see Bluehost, WHO I LOVE, decided to bring some strong competition into the industry.

Want to check out the new Bluehost Reseller hosting platform for yourself?   Click here!


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