Which Data Center is Caffeine Live On? Contest!

Matt Cutts of Google has announced that Google Caffeine has gone live on 1 data center and this has been confirmed by other members of the Google team at PubCon.

Here at AlreadyHosting.com, we enjoy having fun “webmaster related” contests.  We are going to give $50 cash (in form of a Paypal payment) to the first person to confirm which data center Caffeine is currently live on and offer support to why they think this.  ** Maybe we can get Matt Cutts to confirm our winner ** 🙂  .

This is information a lot of webmasters would like to know so this could end up being a very fun post.  The only way to win is to post the correct answer (via a comment) on this post.  This contest is sponsored by alreadyhost.com  Make sure to register for an account (with a valid email) so that we can get a hold of you if you win.

P.S.  Matt Cutts you are eligible to win if you would like to enter 😉


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