We NO LONGER endorse IxWebHosting.com – Bad Host.

AlreadyHosting.com strives to provide the most honest web hosting reviews on the Internet.  When we first created our website we were very pleased with the web hosting service provided by IxWebHosting.com.  Unfortunately, after about a year, IxWebHosting has continued down a landslide in the hosting industry.

Today on October 24th, 2009, AlreadyHosting.com officially revokes any endoresments we had previously made for IxWebHosting.

There were many factors that led to this decision.  First, IxWebHosting has failed to remain competitive in the hosting industry (in service and in pricing).  Not only does IxWebHosting.com charge 2x the amount as competitors but their current customers seem very unhappy.  We have received many emails from customers who are unhappy with the IXWebHosting customer support.

Secondly, IXWebHosting mistreats affiliates, which gives us an idea of how they treat customers.  As a major web hosting affiliate we have the potential to send hundreds of customers to a web host; therefore we are normally are well respected by hosts, I cannot say the same about IxWebHosting. This host always provided us with poor support and acted like we “owed” them something.  AlreadyHosting.com will not be bribed by large commissions or pressured into writing positive reviews; in fact, we feel that this is very dishonest.  We are very disappointed in the way IxWebHosting.com has transformed as a host.  Instead of hanging on to the principles that they were founded on, they seem to now put the dollar in front of the customer.

It is unfortuante that we had to write the negative review; however, we want to make sure AlreadyHosting.com remains a top web hosting review site.   We no longer stand by IXWebHosting.com and we would encourage you to look for alternative hosts.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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