Rating Web Hosting

I have had many people ask me our stategy for rating web hosting so I thought I would write a click blog post to outline some of our web hosting rating stategies.  There are many factors that we consider when rating web hosting:

  • Web Hosting Pricing
  • Amount of Server Resources
  • Speed of Server
  • Reliability of Server
  • History of Web Host
  • Customer Support

Web Hosting Pricing:
One of the biggest factors that we consider when rating web hosting is the pricing of the web host.  We have found that $4.95/month seems to be the best price for quality web hosting; however, from time to time popular web hosts offer promotions which enable you to purchase hosting for a lower rate.

Amount of Server Resources:
How much bandwidth, bandwidth, disk space, domain names, and bonuses do the web host include with a web hosting package?  Another major factor that we consider is how much server resources the host includes.  HostMonster and BlueHost are known for giving their customers the most “bang for the buck”.

Speed Test:
The third thing we do when rating web hosting is a series of speed tests to test the speed of the web hosting servers.  Our tests have shown that HostMonster has the fastest shared web hosting servers.

Server Reliability Testing:
When rating web hosting another MAJOR factor we always consider is the reliablity of a specific server.  We have many tools for monitoring server reliability… If you read our individual web hosting reviews you can see a graph outlining the server’s reliability.  For and example check out our HostMonster and BlueHost review pages.

History of Web Host:
Obviously we have not had the honor of testing out every web hosting on the web; however, when rating web hosting we often read other hosting reviews.  By researching web hosting providers we are able to better understand the history of the web host and will know if the company is reliable.

Customer Support:
Another major factor that we consider when rating web hosting is the customer support, specifically the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff.  BlueHost is known for having the best web hosting customer support on the web.


Providing accurate ratings of web hosting is not an easy business.  We stand firmly behind our 2009 web host ratings that name the following hosts as the best:  HostMonster, BlueHost, iPage.

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