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Hi folks, if you follow our blog you should know that we are trying to review 500 web hosting companies in a period of 1 year (365 days).. So far, we have done an excellent job staying on track to complete this goal.  Periodically we will add a new post letting you know what web hosting reviews that we have recently added… Take a second to check out these web hosting reviews.

  1. SingleHop Review
  2. Ace-Host Review
  3. EasyCGI Review
  4. HostRocket Review
  5. ApolloHosting Review
  6. AVAHost Review
  7. A2Hosting Review
  8. BizLand Review
  9. Site5 Review

As you can see we have been really busy adding new content to our website for your use.  Our web hosting directory has a complete listing of all of our web hosting reviews. is continually adding new reviews to our site so if you have any host reccomendations please contact us.

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