HostMonster and BlueHost are two of the fastest growing web hosting companies on the web!  New customers looking for web hosting and professional webmasters are switching to these two hosts for affordable web hosting!  Normally I do not like to share stats like these on my blog; however, I think today it is appropriate to share the stats because it shows the high demand for hosting with these two hosts.   JUST IN THE PAST 24 hours 15+ customers have signed up for HostMonster and BlueHost web hosting through our site… Not only that I heard from an inside source that HostMonster and BlueHost has had a total of 850+ new customers just in the past 24 hours… THIS IS INSANE!

Why are so many people choosing HostMonster and BlueHost?  HostMonster offers a unique hosting service, not only do they offer affordable web hosting ($4.95/month) but they offer the same services that higher priced companies offer.  One thing that sets these two hosts apart from the competetion is the unique SIMPLE SCRIPS software that makes it EASY to install wordpress, joomla, phpbb, and other popular CMS directly on the server with a simple click of the mouse.  HostMonster & BlueHost both offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and you cannot forget UNLIMITED domain hosting for only $4.95/month.. Worried about getting an affordable domain name?  DONT! HostMonster and BlueHost include a FREE domain name for life when you sign up for a web hosting account!

Not only are other webmasters using HostMonster and BlueHost but we use them as well! is hosted with HostMonster and we have never once had any problems with the host!  If your looking for affordable web hosting go with the host(s) that everyone else is using and sign up for an account with HostMonster or BlueHost, YOU CANNOT GO WRONG!

If you would like additional information on these hosts be sure to check out our HostMonster Review and our popular BlueHost Review!


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