– Update

I wanted to write a post to follow up with my article that I wrote a few days ago.   I have contacted one of the web’s best web hosting content writers and asked him if he would be interested in working for, and it is my honor to announce that he has agreed!  Our new author will begin to write articles for us in roughly a week and will bring us three (3) professionally written and researched articles per week.

I have also been planning to start some research ideas that I will be working on over the next few months:

1.  I am going to complete a full investigation to what host really provides the best customer support.  I am going to test how fast web hosting providers respond to e-mail support and telephone support.  We will also be asking each host to answer a question related to web hosting and will judge the quality of their response.

2. It is physically impossible for a web hosting provider to offer unlimited web hosting; however, so many hosts promise this.  We are going to find out EXACTLY how much web hosting space you can get from these web hosting providers.

3.  Many web hosting providers offer special promo discounts for first time web hosting purchasers and then charge a much higher rate for renewals.  We are going to bring you a list of web hosting providers and compare initial sign-up rates with renewal rates.

4.  We are still looking and considering other ideas so please contact us if you have any ideas.

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