– $100 Contest


Ok guys, will start hosting some random (webmaster related) contests.  For our first contest we are going to have a little fun with something that most webmasters pay “a lot” of attention to, even though we really should not.

So here is our fun little contest…  I want everyone to guess the date of the next MAJOR pagerank update… I am not speaking of a minor update to a page or two..  Obviously, the pagerank update will start at different times for different people, so I am going to go with the date based on (CST) that a post starts on DigitalPoint confirming a major pagerank update (I have final say)..  The person guessing closest to this date will win $100, should multiple people guess the same date we will have a drawing.

Please post your guess in a simple comment to this post… Please make sure register on our blog and use a valid email address so that we can get  a hold of you if you win..

Deadline to turn in guess: (Friday, October 23rd 11:59PM CST)
*Should a major update happen before then we will have a drawing and will give $100 to one random person who guessed.
** Please just type your guess and no other text in order to keep the results easy to search through.

This contest is sponsored by AlreadyHosting, providing the best Web Hosting Reviews.


****   Ironically our guess was actually correct but since we cannot we had a drawing for the winner (Oct 31)… The winner of the contest is ressiepooh. ****

Thanks to all for participating.

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