A Detailed Look At Hostmonster & Bluehost

Time goes quickly when you are having fun!  Today is my very last day in Provo, Utah, home of Bluehost and Hostmonster.  My 1,500 mile journey has proved to be a great experience and has given me the oppertunity to examine the facilities of the best web hosting providers in the world (Hostmonster & Bluehost).

Hostmonster & Bluehost Lobby

Hostmonster & Bluehost Lobby

A Detailed Look At Bluehost & Hostmonster

During my stay in Provo I was given exclusive rights to examine the facilities (headquarters) of Bluehost and Hostmonster.  I also had the opportunity to meet and interview the owners of the amazing hosting provider.  What I found was that this host not only met all of my expectations but exceeded them.  In the blog post I would like to give you a clear and detailed look at how Hostmonster & Bluehost sets themselves apart from all other hosting competitors.

Hostmonster & Bluehost Customer Support Team

# 1 – Customer Support

One business principle that the owners of Bluehost and Hostmonster emphasizes over all others is customer support.  When speaking with co-owner Danny Ashworth I heard overwhelming evidence that customer support is one primary focus.  “Most hosting providers offer very similar hosting plans so we decided to stand out by offering exceptional customer service.” Said Ashworth, “Over the past weeks we have been able to keep our average hold time below 30 seconds.”

This company is NOT all talk; in fact, I was able to complete statistics of the average hold times and was astonished to see that they really can consistently keep their hold times below 30 seconds (which is unheard of).  In almost every room and every hall way there is a computer screen that displays the current number of customers waiting on hold and I paid very close to this screen during my three and a half hour visit.  During my time visiting Bluehost the most individuals that were on hold was one (1), which is absolutely insane and proves that these hosts dominate in the area of customer support.

A Small Portion of Bluehost Datacenters

A Small Portion of Bluehost Datacenters

#2 – Advanced Technology

After customer support the next thing that stood out to me was the amount of programming that goes on at Hostmonster and Bluehost.  These great companies are always looking for ways to improve their hosting by customizing their server with advanced technologies and software that improves server performance.

Without detailing too much, I can honestly say the these companies are doing things WAY MORE ADVANCED that any other competitors hosts.  Recently it was announced that Bluehost and Hostmonster launched Shared CPU Protection and this is something that NO other competitor can offer.  This is just one example (of many) of how Bluehost offers world class hosting servers.

Great Management

#3 – Great Management

I have had the opportunity to speak with almost all of the managers and owners during my stay in Utah.  One thing that each of these managers had in common was their desire to see no only satisfied customers but also satisfied employees.  From my experience I can see that this company spares no expenses to ensure that everyone they deal with is happy.

I believe the only way a company can be successful is if management puts customers above profit and Bluehost does just that.  There are many ways that these two great hosting providers could take shortcuts to save money; however, they do not because the hold the fundamental idea that customer satisfaction will ultimately generate buzz and additional customers.

I am very impressed with Hostmonster and Bluehost and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top notch web hosting provider.

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