5 Top Apps every Smartphone Needs

Metadescription: Smartphones come with barebone functionality which doesn’t make the phone all that fun. Download some functional apps for a better experience.

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we can communicate, work and play. They allow us to do many of our daily activities on the move where before we needed to be in a particular place to participate. However, out-of-the-box smartphones are somewhat lacking as they don’t usually have the apps that make owning a smartphone fun. Here are a few essential apps that are often absent, which you should probably download from the app store. Instead, fabricators often place adware or apps that cost money and which aren’t that functional. So we’ve done our research and drawn up a list of selected apps that fill those functionality needs.

For the Media Lover

Music and video are often use on phones, but you really want to be able to customize this feature to listen to the music and media you want. Basically you want the official YouTube app to view videos, but another essential video app may also be Netflix. This is the video software that gives you access to thousands of films at a price of under $10 per month and with a constantly changing list of movies it’s certainly an app worth thinking about, especially if you do a lot of car traveling.


Audio Apps

When thinking about audio, you’ll also want a good music player and Poweramp music player makes a wonderful application to your smartphone. This app makes it easy to play, organize and customize your music to your requirements. The app offers a free one week trial, afte which there is a $15 charge.

If podcasts are your thing, then consider adding Pocket Casts. This has a cool interface that makes it easy to locate and download your content.


Smartphones are wonderful for going social, so you’ll want to add to Facebook and twitter apps. But if you’re looking for social action for the kids, you might also think of adding Snapchat. For families who have friends and family members in different locations of the world, Whatsapp messenger also works very well. This replaces SMS messaging with a web service and it doesn’t bring international charges to your phone.


A smartphone requires that organize and manage email well. Google stock email application does well, but if you’re like me and receive lots of email messages, you’ll want an app that does a better job of organizing your communications. K-9 Mail offers a lot of versatility and supports IMAP and push mail. It allows you to sync your mailing multi-folders, fly, file, and signatures, and even save email to your SD card.


Most phones have a good keyboard on them, but older users can be frustrated by the inability to touch a key fast enough. SwiftKey is an amazing keyboard app that works on whatever size device you’re using. It’s amazing feature comes from the ability to learn from your actions. It can predict the word you want to use and when to use them; making your chatting go much faster. This is an especially useful feature for those of us who are not used to typing.

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