5 of the Wierdest Apps on iTunes


Go to iTunes and you’ll find an app for just about anything. In fact there are some pretty weird apps out there. These are just a few of the ones I have come across. They are so strange they are interesting, at least worth trying out once.

  1. The Cat Selfie

Yes, believe it or not this is an app that helps you get pics of your cat. It gets those unexpected shots. It also works well with babies and toddlers. It works like this; you put your iPhone, iPod or iPad  on the app and a bouncing laser will appear. Your cat will start to chase the laser and when the cat touches the screen it will take a picture.  What a wonderful use for technology don’t you thing.


  1. Melon Meter

One of the hardest things we find doing is finding a ripe watermelon don’t you think? Well, now there is an app for that. Just put your device next to the watermelon, knock on the melon and the app will tell you whether it’s ripe or not. This app team says they’ve used “real science” to get this app to work. No longer do you have to put up with green or too mushy watermelon.


  1. Hello Cow

This is a cool app. It destresses you. Just touch the shaggy cow  and watch her Moo. That’s it. What more could you want from an app.


  1. iNap@Work

Need a nap at work without letting the employees or the boss on to what you are doing? This app is perfect for that. While you sleep it plays random office noises. You’ll get sounds like typing, mouse clicks and paper shuffling. Everyone will think you are working very hard when all you are doing is taking a nap.  You can even adjust the sound to suit your environment and task. There are even human sounds such as throat clearing and sniffing.

  1. Harmonica App

This is an app that teaches you to play the lowly harmonica. You can play the harmonica by blowing and drawing on your iPhone device. Learn to play the blues but now instead of a real harmonica just get your iPhone out and start playing.


There you have it that is 5 of the weirdest apps on iTunes. These are fun but really have no particular use. Well, maybe that’s not true, the watermelon meter can certainly come in handily when at the super market. And the Hello Cow app can certainly keep you entertained for a few minutes. Just the thing you need when you lock the keys in your house, have a fender bender or just need some away time.


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