10 Fun Things to Do with Your Smartphone


When you need a phone you go shopping. Somehow you are convinced you ned a great smart phone. And after a few weeks of use, you realize that this can be an important tool. But wait did you know that your phone can do a lot of things you didn’t even know about. Here are 10 cool things you can do with your phone.

  1. Make Your Coffee

Coffee lovers enjoy this feature more than any other. AllJoyn and Apple now lets you connect to certain household devices including your coffee maker. Now you can brew your coffee while still lying in bed.

  1. Listen to Music in the Shower

A few smart phones are now waterproof, which means you can take phones like the Xperia Z and the Fujitsu Stylistic SO1 into the shower with you.

  1. Print up a Protective Case

Now you can access MakerBot from your smart phone and create a customized phone case then print it up with one of the MakerBot 3-D printers. This cool app lets design, print and mail your own customized smart phone case.

  1. Stream Your Music to Your Car

Now you can make your phone fun and useful in the car. Stream the music on your android or Apple phone to your car stereo system via Bluetooth.

  1. Take it to the Cinema

New Dolby technology for mobile devices make it possible for you to enjoy surround sound audio from your phone.

  1. Elderly Aid

Now even the elderly want a smart phone. Get a phone with a pressure sensitive screen, large icons, and a panic alarm. So if you fall just press the panic and it dials your emergency numbers.

  1. Speak in Japanese

There are world recognized apps that allow Japanese people to speak to foreigners using a Docomo phone with translator. The app uses cloud computing technology paired with voice recognition software.

  1. Hitch a Ride

Bike hires in large cities are all the rage. This takes it one step further. The idea is that a mobile app lets you know when and where a scooter is available in cities like Barcelona where the scooter and bike hire options are available.

  1. Take Charge of Battery Operated Toys

Tetherboard now enables you to connect your smart phone to AA battery operated devices to check on battery usage, and remote control options.

    10.  Give it To Your Doctor

New apps allow doctors to control and monitor the health of patients via their cell phone. A heart monitor can be used on a smart phone.


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